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    Financing your next motorcycle can be that simple.


    Fill out an application with our partners at Revival Powersports to get your approval locked in.


    Find the Perfect Ride

    With your approval in hand, pick a ride from any dealer, KIJIJI, Facebook Marketplace, friends, or family!


    Sign & Pick Up

    You'll receive documents via email to sign off on. Revival Powersports will pay and you pick up, it's yours!

  • Complete Freedom.

    Use your approval to shop from anywhere that accepts cash including KIJIJI, Facebok Marketplace, and even other dealers. Zero pressure sales. Protection plans available. Full fee transparency with payment estimate tools and breakdowns provided.

    Quick & Safe Processing

    You're in good hands at Revival Powersports. With a proprietary process, you can ensure that your data is protected and that the ride you're buying is lien-free. CARFAX & history checks included.

    Alberta Based Brick & Mortar

    Unlike other online options, Revival Powersports offer a full showroom featuring some of the nicest used motorcycles in Canada. Proudly located in and operating from Edmonton, Alberta.

  • Current Rates & Approval Requirements

    Current rates in Canada start at 9.9% with term lengths varying subject to approval.


    Applicants must be gainfully employed with a minimum income of $2,000 per month.


    Financing open to all Canadian citizens and permanent residents with a valid drivers license.

  • Revival Powersports Canada


    We're proud to partner with Revival Powersports, Canada's top choice for reliable powersports and recreational financing options. Revival Powersports has a showroom and head office located in Edmonton, Alberta, and provides loan solutions for new and used motorcycles throughout Canada.

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