Alberta Motorcycle Courses: Our Comprehensive Directory (2023)

If you're venturing in tho the world of motorcycles, the most important step to start your journey is finding a reputable training course to learn or refine your riding skills. The importance of motorcycle safety and riding safety can never be overstated. With an assortment of great options available across Alberta, this blog post presents a directory of some of the best motorcycle training schools, sorted by location.

Northern Alberta

  1. Alberta Safety Council - Edmonton, AB - 4831-93 Ave NW - (780) 462-7300
    Renowned for their comprehensive motorcycle safety program, Alberta Safety Council is an excellent choice for riders in the Edmonton area.
  2. TNT Motorcycle Training - Edmonton, AB - 6315-199 Street NW - (780) 447-3246
    TNT is a dedicated motorcycle training center that prioritizes rider safety and skills mastery.
  3. Northwestern Polytechnic - Grande Prairie, AB - 10726-106 Ave - (780) 539-2975
    With a practical, hands-on approach, Northwestern Polytechnic offers a motorcycle course tailored to the needs of Grande Prairie riders.

Central Alberta

  1. FPM Motorcycle Rider Training - Red Deer, AB - Parkland Mall - (403) 392-6837
    Located centrally in Red Deer, FPM Motorcycle Rider Training is committed to empowering riders with the right safety knowledge and riding skills.

Southern Alberta

  1. Wheels Training Center - Calgary, AB - 259 Midpark Way SE #205 - (403) 803-2501
    This Calgary-based motorcycle school emphasizes both theoretical and practical aspects of riding safety.
  2. Too Cool Motorcycle School - Calgary, AB - McMahon Stadium SE Lot - 403-202-0099
    With its cool vibe and comprehensive courses, Too Cool Motorcycle School is a favourite among Calgary motorcycle enthusiasts.
  3. Motology School - Calgary, AB - Training Locations Vary - (403) 909-6686
    Motology School offers a flexible training location, providing high-quality motorcycle training throughout Calgary.
  4. Brooks Driving & Motorcycle - Brooks, AB - Bay 1 440 Aquaduct Dr E - (587) 270-1234
    Located in Brooks, this school offers in-depth training courses focused on safe and confident motorcycle riding.
  5. Lil' Johnny's Motorcycle Academy - Calgary, AB - 333-96 Ave NE - (587) 579-5562
    Lil' Johnny's Motorcycle Academy is known for its personalized motorcycle training approach, making it a great choice for Calgary riders.
  6. Stampede Driving School - Calgary, AB - 7 Westwinds Crescent - (403) 293-5500
    Stampede Driving School combines effective motorcycle training programs with a friendly learning environment.
  7. Off Road Adventure Academy - Calgary, AB - 80066 Beaconhill NW - 1-888-816-8847
    For those interested in off-road motorcycle adventures, OAA offers unique training courses that focus on riding safety and adventure readiness.
  8. Quality Driving School - Calgary, AB - E200 Haddon Road SW - (403) 240-9001
    Quality Driving & Motorcycle School delivers exactly what its name promises, quality training for both new and seasoned riders.
  9. Shifting Motorcycle School - Calgary, AB - #115, 1925-18 AVE NE - (587) 574-7433
    Shifting Motorcycle School places emphasis on both the technical and practical aspects of motorcycle riding.
  10. Roadrunner Driving School - Calgary, AB - Office 207, 1830-52 ST SE - (403) 973-3538
    Roadrunner Driving School is a comprehensive motorcycle training provider, offering a diverse range of courses for all skill levels.

Armed with this directory, you're well on your way to finding the perfect motorcycle course for your needs. Stay safe, best of luck on your class 6 and enjoy the ride!