Revival Powersports: Redefining Powersports Shopping in Canada

In the world of motorcycle and powersports shopping, certain names stand out from the crowd through their commitment to quality, customer service, and innovation. One such name is our partner financing providors at Revival Powersports. They are a Canada-based dealer that is transforming the customer experience with their forward-thinking business model and unique offerings. Here's an in-depth look at what sets Revival Powersports apart, from their approach to online business and transparent pricing, to their unique consignment deals and flexible financing approvals.


Embracing the Digital Shift: Online Focused Operations

Revival Powersports Inventory Page

Revival Powersports, despite maintaining a physical showroom in Edmonton for clients who prefer a tactile experience, primarily operates online. This strategy embraces the modern digital shift, providing customers from all over Canada with easy access to their motorcycle and powersports inventory. This enables you to shop for your dream ride at your own pace and comfort, wherever you may be.


Transparent Pricing: No Hidden Costs

Revival Powersports Motorcycle Loan Calculator

At Revival Powersports, there's no guesswork when it comes to costs. They break down all associated fees and pricing through their informative FAQs and online tools. This transparency ensures you're never caught off guard by hidden charges and you can plan your motorcycle loan or recreational financing with confidence.


Real Pricing: Clear Quotations

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In a move that sets them apart from many competitors, Revival Powersports provides real pricing when quoting payments on their website. This includes all fees, not just the base price MSRP of the ride. They also provide payment charts that show estimates at different rates and down payments which is helpful for those who are looking to finance a motorcycle with bad credit. This clear, comprehensive pricing approach aids in precise financial planning for Canadian motorcycle financing or powersports loans.


Condition Notes & Service Reports: Know Your Ride

Every ride in Revival Powersports' inventory comes complete with detailed condition notes and a full service report. They are partnered with a local powersports mechanic Unleashed Cycle & Sled, who inspect and service every unit in their inventory. This commitment to providing comprehensive information ensures you're aware of the exact state and history of your potential new ride, contributing to informed buying decisions.


Consignment Deals: An Industry-First Offering

Revival Powersports stands out as the only dealer in Canada to offer a $500 up-front payment on motorcycle consignment. This amount is yours to keep, regardless of whether the ride sells or not - a truly customer-centric initiative in the powersports industry.


Flexible Financing Approvals: Shop Anywhere with Ease

Obtaining financing approvals with Revival Powersports opens up a world of possibilities. You're free to buy from anywhere, saving potential credit hits and simplifying the overall purchasing process. This freedom underscores their dedication to creating seamless customer experiences in the realm of Canadian motorcycle financing and recreational financing.


Revival Powersports showroom in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Revival Powersports' commitment to transparency, customer service, and digital convenience sets them apart in the Canadian powersports market. Their innovative approach to motorcycle and powersports sales, as well as their pure honesty and bluntness, set them apart in a world that has a shaded reputation. This is why they were the easy choice for financing and proud partners of - cheers to a long partnership!