Navigating Alberta Motorcycle Registration: Explaining Status

As Alberta's premier source for motorcycle financing, we're here to help you navigate every aspect of your journey, including the complex world of vehicle registration status'. In this post, we break down the most common registration labels in Alberta - Active Status, Rebuilt, Salvage, Non-repairable, and Unsafe - and what they mean for you as a motorcycle owner.

Active Status

Active Status signifies that the vehicle is currently registered and roadworthy.

  • The vehicle has passed all necessary inspections.
  • It is completely safe and legal to drive.
  • Insurance companies offer full coverage for active status motorcycles.

Rebuilt Status

A Rebuilt status is a tag given to vehicles that were previously declared salvage but have since been repaired and passed all necessary inspections.

  • They have been restored properly to a condition where they can be operated safely.
  • They have met all the stringent requirements for roadworthiness.
  • A rebuilt status can impact the vehicle's resale value, so it's important to be aware of this when considering its purchase price.

Salvage Status

Salvage status is applied to vehicles that have been severely damaged, usually as a result of an accident. They cannot be driven until they are repaired and re-inspected by a certified motorcycle mechanic in Alberta.

  • Salvage motorcycles are not roadworthy and are illegal to drive in their current state.
  • They can only regain roadworthy status and be re-registered after passing inspections following comprehensive repairs.
  • This status will significantly impact the motorcycle's value.


A Non-repairable status indicates that the motorcycle has been damaged beyond the point of repair.

  • These motorcycles can never be made roadworthy again.
  • They can only be used for parts or scrap metal.
  • A vehicle with a non-repairable status can never be legally driven in Alberta, or anywhere else.


Unsafe status is attributed to vehicles that pose a danger to the public due to various faults or damage.

  • The vehicle has one or more significant safety issues.
  • This status requires immediate action to address safety concerns before the motorcycle can be driven legally.
  • It is important to rectify the issues as quickly as possible to avoid further complications with your motorcycle financing.

Remember, understanding a motorcycles status is essential in making informed decisions about its purchase, sale, financing, and insurance. As you navigate the world of motorcycle ownership, it's crucial to keep these categories in mind, especially when you find an unbelievable deal on a used motorcycle.

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