High Visibility Riding Jackets on Amazon Canada: A Firsthand Review

Safety and comfort go hand-in-hand when you're out on the open road on your bike. And, let's be real, visibility can often be the difference between a carefree ride and an unwelcome accident. That's why high-visibility riding jackets are such a critical motorcycle gear investment. With so many options out there, it can be tough to know which one will give you the best bang for your buck. So, I took it upon myself to test and review four popular high-visibility riding jackets available on Amazon Canada. Let me share my thoughts with each of these jackets in hopes of helping you navigate the world of bike safety gear with a bit more ease.

1. Badass Moto Safety Vest - $57.31 (Price may vary)

This affordable high-visibility vest from Badass Moto is designed to fit perfectly over your regular leathers, offering great visibility even in the darkest of mornings. Though the armholes are a bit oversized, the flexible cording and padded collar add to the comfort. While its lightweight construction raises questions about longevity and weather resistance, the practical pockets make it a bargain at the given price.

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2. HWK Motorcycle Jacket - $81.91 (Price may vary)

The HWK Motorcycle Jacket offers exceptional visibility and superior build quality, all at a reasonable price. It boasts several useful features like removable inner liners, armor, and zippered vents. Although I found the fit somewhat saggy, and the zipper quality left much to be desired, the overall comfort and value make this jacket a strong contender. Ensure you purchase the correct color options as there are others which provide little to no visibility.

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The Milwaukee Performance High-Viz Motorcycle Jacket truly lives up to its name, delivering impressive visibility in the darkest conditions. The mesh construction offers breathability, while the removable liner and quality armor add to the comfort and protection. However, a minor hiccup arose when the pocket stitching came loose during an early ride, and the zipper quality was disappointing. Despite these minor issues, its breathability and protection make it a fair choice at the price point.

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4. Alpha Hi Vis Green Mesh Motorcycle Jacket - Price Varies from $100 to $380 (yikes)

Last but certainly not least, I tried the Alpha Hi Vis Green Mesh Motorcycle Jacket. Despite a wide price range, I found it to be a solid purchase at $170.52. It offers the best fit among the tested jackets, along with excellent ventilation and wind deflection capabilities. While its visibility was less striking than the others and the armor was slightly disappointing, the high build quality compensated for these shortcomings. Regrettably, the zipper quality was once again a letdown. Be sure to watch the pricing which varies by size so that you don't end up overpaying. At $380 my review would be drastically different.

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Your choice of a high-visibility jacket ultimately depends on your individual preferences and requirements. Whether you value affordability, comprehensive protection, breathability, or fit and comfort, there's a suitable option out there for you. And remember, while riding, motorcycle safety should always be your primary concern, and being visible on the road is a crucial part of that. Stay safe and happy riding!